Lynne’s Last Day

Lynne’s Last Day

Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

I woke up this morning very well rested after finally being back in a place with air conditioning. It’s amazing the difference that makes after walking around in the 90*+ heat all day. Lynne and I got up and she went straight up to the roof deck to soak up as many of the sun’s rays as possible. I watched a few TV shows and took advantage of the amazingly fast download speeds at the hostel to get a few more shows to watch on my train journey tomorrow night.

We had breakfast at about 9am and then Lynne returned to her spot in the sun to get sun for the last time on her holiday. She came back in at about 12pm only to let me know that it was cloudy the entire time she was out, but she stayed put in case any UV rays broke through. We figured this was a good time to head out and we made our way over to Central Pier and jumped on a ferry to go upriver.

We got off at Tha Tien and then got a ferry across the river for 3 baht ($0.10) to Wat Arun. This is a giant five pronged Buddhist temple that looks completely different from any temple we’ve seen before. Lynne wasn’t properly dressed for temple viewing, so she waited outside while I checked out the temple. It was cool that I was able to climb the steps to it, most temples don’t allow it. The first set of stairs was pretty steep, but manageable with a little help from the hand rail. The second set of stairs though, they were ridiculous! It is by far the steepest set of stairs I’ve ever been on, and I actually needed to hoist myself up with the hand rail, because the stairs were too steep to climb. Of course it didn’t help that some morons decided to come down the set of stairs that were clearly marked “Up only” and had an arrow.

The view from the top of the temple was pretty impressive, just a shame Lynne missed it. I took a walk around the top, snapped a few pictures and then went down to find Lynne in the markets below. We got the ferry back across to the other side of the river, grabbed some lunch, and then headed back to the hostel. I found out that the hostel actually had a bootlegged copy of The Hangover Part 2, so Lynne and I just had to watch it. We were going to the bar tonight that is in the movie, so we wanted to check it out before heading over. Unfortunately, the copy was pretty terrible and it skipped through almost half the movie and we missed a lot of it. We still got to see them hanging out at Sirocco at the top of Lebua Hotel though, and that’s all that mattered.

We grabbed dinner down in the restaurant, and Lynne said she was going to try something spicy. She ended up ordering Pad Thai, which isn’t spicy at all, so I dared her to eat the chilis that came on the side of my rice dish. She had two slices and said they were quite hot, so of course I dared her to eat the rest of them, there were about eight. I started recording it on my phone, and I’m so glad I did, because what happened next was priceless. She ate the peppers, nothing happened for a few seconds, then a look of panic took over. She guzzled her beer, then a lady boy waitress came over and gave us another pitcher and Lynne tried to make herself look composed. As soon as the lady boy left, Lynne went to drink her beer, and I mentioned she was drooling a bit because her lips had gone numb, and she spit her beer right back into the glass causing the entire thing to foam up and go all over the table and her. She couldn’t drink her beer through all the foam so she grabbed my beer and downed it before she gained a bit of feeling back in her mouth. It wasn’t the first time Lynne had a laughing fit on this trip, and it wasn’t even the first time she spit out a drink while laughing, but this was definitely the funniest one, and it’s all caught on tape!

We headed out to Lebua at about 9pm and luckily it was just around the corner from our hostel. Within 10 minutes we were riding the elevator up to the 63rd floor and were welcomed by a group of staff members. We were ushered outside to their rooftop bar and given seats on a leather couch that went around the outside of the bar. It was amazing! The view was spectacular, and we got really lucky with the weather too, not one drop of rain today. I ordered an Old Fashioned and Lynne had a Hangovertini. We’re not sure what was in it, but Lynne liked it none-the-less.

We nursed the drinks a bit to take in as much of the atmosphere as possible. At $20 per drink we only stuck around for one, but it was well worth it. It was a great way to finish Lynne’s trip in Thailand, and we made our way back to the hostel. We got back and the old man in our dorm was already fast asleep, so we had to try as hard as possible not to make any noise. Of course, something triggered Lynne into a laughing fit, so I’m sure he didn’t sleep through that. I’m sad for tomorrow morning to come now, Lynne’s going home first thing in the morning 🙁

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