Island living is done for now…

Island living is done for now…

Kota Bharu, Malaysia, Asia

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Ana and I checked out of the hostel and got our 20RM key deposit back, so at least we could afford to eat lunch on the island. We went back to Yellow Chairs where we ate the night before and grabbed a bite to eat with Ro (Joe already left for Thailand this morning). After lunch we just got an umbrella on the beach and chilled for a couple hours. Ana and I headed to Coral Bay at about 3:30pm to grab the ferry back to Kuala Besut. It was about ten minutes late, but I guess I have to get used to that. Things don’t generally run on schedule here so you have to be much more relaxed when travelling.

We got back to Kuala Besut and waited about 45 minutes for a bus back to Kota Bharu. It finally came and we got back to KB and checked into the same KB Backpackers that we had been at a few days earlier. We knew it was a perfect location, with A/C and our own bathroom for less than $10 a person per night. Can’t really beat that. So we checked in and went to find the first ATM possible so we didn’t feel so poor any more!

We were both pretty noodle/rice’d out so we were so psyched to see a Pizza Hut across the street from the hostel. We went in and totally pigged out on a couple of pizzas and a pitcher of Pepsi. It was a bit more expensive than the foods we’ve been eating lately, but it was awesome to get a taste of home (even if one of the pizzas was Royal Masala).

Neither of us had eaten that much in days/weeks so we were really stuffed after that. We went back to the hostel and watched the most recent episode of Amazing Race Australia (awesome show!) and then decided to go out for some ice cream. We found a little store that was selling cups of ice cream for about $0.50, so that did us just fine. We got back to the hostel and watched some episodes of Modern Family while Ana repacked her bag to get ready for her trip to Thailand tomorrow.

I’ll be sad to see Ana go because it’s been great to travel with her for the past few days. It makes everything a bit easier having someone else there, especially if you get on really well. I’m sure she’s going to have a blast in Thailand and hopefully our paths with cross again on our journeys.

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