Bye Ana! Getting back to KL to fly to Bali

Bye Ana! Getting back to KL to fly to Bali

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia

I got up this morning and had to say bye to Ana. It was a sad time, but I think I’ll have to get used to this while travelling. She is heading off into a fairly sketchy part of Thailand to get up north to see a friend. I’ll feel better once I’ve heard that she made it up there without a problem.

I headed out in Kota Bharu to try and find an internet cafe where I could print my train ticket for tonight. Unfortunately there are no internet cafes open during the day, only at night but I found two lovely girls in a Ricoh shop who let me log in to the KTMB website and find my booking and they printed it off for me. I then tried to find a post office and one guy pointed me around three corners and said I would find one in “that” direction. I started walking thinking I would just ask someone else when I was further along. About a minute later the guy I asked (Hasam) pulled up on his motorbike and offered to give me a lift to the post office. I couldn’t believe how nice he was. He was asking all kinds of questions about where I’m from and what I’ve seen in Malaysia. About three minutes later we showed up at the post office and he shook my hand and took off. Malaysian people are so nice! It turns out the post office was out of boxes anyway so I wasn’t able to send a package home, but still, what nice people!

I went back to the hostel and ended up spending the rest of the day planning out what I’m going to do from Bali onwards. I know I’m not going to get any sympathy from people reading this back home, but it can get very stressful trying to figure out what flights work on what days and where to stay when you get there. At least KB Backpackers had free wifi so I could get a lot done while sitting in the air conditioning. I’ve figured out my loosely based itinerary from here is Bali, Java, Malaysian Borneo, Philippines and then on to Bangkok to meet Lynne. Pretty happy I have all that figured out!

I left my hostel at about 5:30pm and grabbed a taxi to the train station. Because of traffic it ended up being about a 45 minute ride, and it cost me just under $6. I can’t get over these prices! My train came right on time and I found my bed no problem. It was like something I’ve never seen before. It was a train car that was just bed after bed after bed. In the one car there must have been at least 40 beds. It wasn’t bad though. Unlike the Egyptian trains, these beds went the long way instead of across the car, and this made it so much easier to sleep. The train left the station at 7:05pm and I watched a movie and now I am feeling pretty tired. I’m going to try to get some sleep on this train. Fingers crossed, I could use a good night’s sleep!

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