Wedding day on the beach

Wedding day on the beach

Santa Marta, Colombia, South America

Today. Was. Awesome. We started out with a great breakfast at the hotel, right next to the massive pool, and with a view of the beach. It was beautiful. We finished breakfast and headed out into the town of Santa Marta. We got a taxi to La Quinta de San Pedro, which is where Simon Bolivar lived and died. It was interesting to see where he lived, and how he lived, but the nicest thing about this trip was the scenery. It was just a beautiful little piece of land with lots of trees and plants, and lots of iguanas chilling in the trees.

It was really nice and relaxing to walk around La Quinta, but it would have been a lot nicer if I wasn’t so hungover. I drank A LOT of aguardiente last night on the beach, and it turns out that it gives me a heck of a hangover. I felt like garbage for most of the day, but after La Quinta, we went into the town and had a shwarma for lunch, and that helped quite a bit. We took a walk down by the bay and then got a taxi back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

I got the chance to wear my guayabera, which was really comfortable and nice and light. Lucky for me, because it was so hot tonight! The wedding took place on the beach, right next to our hotel, so it was just a few minutes to walk there. It was beautifully set up, and everything went perfectly. At least I think it did. I don’t speak spanish, so I don’t really know what was said, but everyone seemed pretty happy.

We had a nice relaxing night just sitting a couple of different tables, chatting with people and drinking (and drinking, and drinking). Everyone was incredibly nice and they all spoke english to me, which was so nice. The food at the wedding was amazing, and the free drinks flowed all night, so it was brilliant. The dancing started around 11pm or 12am, I can’t really remember the timing, but it was excellent! We danced and drank until about 3:30am. It was such a great wedding and reception, and I can’t thank Melissa enough for inviting me to come this weekend. It’s been excellent!

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