Tennis and lunch near Nuesa Lagoon

Tennis and lunch near Nuesa Lagoon

Bogota, Colombia, South America

I have to say, I was very impressed this morning that Melissa and I woke up and had plenty of time to get ready to go play tennis at 11am. After going to bed at 5am, I didn’t think we were going to make it. We got a taxi back to her house, grabbed the tennis gear, and took the car over to the courts. Surprisingly, Luz Mery and Vanessa showed up about ten minutes after we did. I didn’t expect them to make it at all since they left the club after us, but they made it.

We only had the courts for an hour, so we warmed up for about twenty minutes, and then only had about thirty minutes to play, but it was still fun. It was me and Vanessa against Melissa and Luz Mery. It was really fun to get back out on the court and play some doubles after so many years. I’m going to try to get back into tennis. I forgot how much I enjoy playing.

After tennis we got showers at the club and then headed up to a place called Nuesa for lunch. We met some other family members up there, and eight of us had lunch at this nice little restaurant. Apparently some of the family had been there before and the food was really good, but this time it was less than stellar. A few of us (including me) really didn’t enjoy our meals, but I guess every meal can’t be great.

After lunch we went up to see the lagoon at Nuesa that is way up on top of this hill, but by the time we got there it was 4:55pm and the park closed at 5pm. Of course they didn’t let us in, so we had to just turn around and head back. It’s a shame because it looked like it would’ve been a really nice place to visit, but I guess that just means we can come back some other day.

We headed back to Chia, where JC’ s house is and we chilled there for a little while. It was actually perfect timing because we got there just in time to watch the last quarter of the Indianapolis vs Denver game in the Divisional playoffs. Of course I was really interested in this because the winner was going to determine who the Patriots will play next week. In a huge upset, the Colts went into Denver and completely embarrassed and shocked the Broncos, and they’ve now got a playoff date with the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Unbelievable.

We headed back to Bogota and I decided to get a taxi back to my hostel. We’re playing tennis tomorrow morning at 9am, and this time we are going to try and play for two hours, so I want to be well rested.

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