Tennis and day at the mall

Tennis and day at the mall

Bogota, Colombia, South America

I got up this morning at my hostel, got my tennis gear on, and made a quick phone call to Copa Airlines. I felt like the 14th is still too soon for me to head to Paraguay, so I changed my ticket again so I can leave on the 19th now. This means that I’ll have time to go to the US Embassy and get my new passport issued, and I will also be here to watch the Patriots play in the AFC Championship game. Bonus! And of course, I’ll be able to spend more time with Melissa, so that’s an even bigger bonus. I was happy to find out that even though this is the second time I’ve changed my ticket, I still only have to pay one change fee of $85. That’s well worth it.

I got a taxi over to Melissa’s house and all the girls were getting ready and we headed off in time to get to the courts for about 8:45am. We played for an hour on one of the courts, but couldn’t reserve it for two hours, so we had to move to another court for the second hour. I was actually really happy to move because the ball boy we had on the first court was terrible. This is the first time I’ve ever used a ball boy. They’re all just young teenage boys who only get $2 an hour, so for that price it’s worth it. The bad thing about this ball boy was that we could hear his music playing on his headphones when you were anywhere near him, and he kept screwing up the score, so we had to keep correcting him.

We got to the second court and the ball boy was one we had used a couple of days ago and he was excellent. He actually ran to get the balls, and he always knew what the score was. He was well worth the tip we gave him. After we finished up playing for two hours, which was way better than just one hour, we headed back to the girl’s house and they all took naps. Since today is a holiday here, they took full advantage of not having to work.

Melissa and I went out to the nearby mall with the intention of getting her some new glasses (which she lost when we were up in Barichara), but we first had to get some lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant called Archies, and the food was excellent. We had a small pizza for a starter, and then I had a really good lasagne for my main course. I was very happy after that. We decided we weren’t quite full enough though, so we went to Crepes & Waffles in the Unicentro mall and got some ice creams. I love that Melissa’s favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. She’ll get no argument from me!

We went to the optometrist in the mall, but we were just a little too late, and we missed the doctor. We went back to Melissa’s house for a little bit, and then I got a taxi back to the hostel. I wanted to come back and watch the BCS National Championship game to see if Ohio can finally win something, and they did! Unfortunately the internet went down at the hostel just after the first half, so I missed most of the second half, but I got to read about it on ESPN after it was finished. Well done Ohio State. I know you made Leo very happy tonight!

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