Quiet day in Santiago

Quiet day in Santiago

Santiago, Chile, South America

Today was a very quiet day, getting used to being on my own again. I woke up at the Ibis and went down to have breakfast. I’ve been traveling alone for almost eight months now, so you’d think I’d be used to having breakfast by myself, but it seemed really strange. In just a few days I got really used to sharing breakfast with Melissa, so now I have to get used to having it on my own again. I stuck around at the hotel until I had to check out at noon, and then headed over to my new hostel. I’m now at the Residencial Universitaria.

I’m very impressed with this hostel. I have my own room, with a shared bathroom for $23 a night. It is in a really nice neighborhood near the university, and it has great wifi. I’ve used the day to catch up on some Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon episodes, and to work on choosing my pictures for my blog entries from the last ten days. I’ve been pretty distracted in that time, so haven’t had the chance to stay on top of uploading my blogs. They’re all written, I just need to get the pictures to post with them and then I’ll be all set.

I went out for dinner at this excellent little Peruvian restaurant called Peru House. I had my two favorite dishes from when I was in Lime. Causa Limena to start, and Aji de Gallina for my main course. They were both delicious. I was so happy to find this place, that I might even come back tomorrow for lunch. We’ll see.

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