More Tennis at the Open

More Tennis at the Open

Melbourne, Australia, Australia

So the Australian Open is finished and I’ve definitely gotten my fill of tennis! After the four nights in the Rod Laver Arena, we were in the Hisense Arena for the next four days, then we had ground passes for the quarters, the semis and the finals.

I got to see almost all of the top tennis players in the world. The only men’s player I didn’t get to see was Rafael Nadal. I saw Roger Federer (#2), Novak Djokovic (#3), Robin Soderling (#4), Andy Murray (#5), Andy Roddick (#8), Almagro (#14), and Wawrinka (#19). I didn’t see as many women play but I did get to see Kim Clijsters (#3), Maria Sherapova (#14) and Yanina Wickmayer (#21).

The atmosphere at the matches was unbelievable, especially the ones for Andy Murray. The Scots really come out to back their countrymen! Unfortunately most of them make the Scots look totally ridiculous. I don’t mind if somewhere wears some garb to let everyone know who they are supporting, but some of these people just took it overboard! Kilts (in 40*C), jimmy hats, flags tied to their backs, stupid sunglasses, faces painted and various other pieces of ridiculousness. Seriously, they were doing nothing to help the image of Scotland or its people.

Anyway, the tennis is over now and I am looking forward to getting out to see more of Australia. Starting on Wednesday, I’m heading up north for a few weeks to dive in the reef, sail the Whitsundays and relax on the many, many beautiful beaches. Life is good!

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