Last full day in Santa Marta

Last full day in Santa Marta

Santa Marta, Colombia, South America

I had a great night’s sleep last night, and woke up at 6:24am feeling excellent. I knew that if we wanted to go to one of the nicer restaurants tonight for dinner we had to book it and the reservation desk opens at 6:30am. For some reason, they don’t let you book a table for dinner the day before, you have to go on that morning, which is just so annoying. I figured that since I was up, I might as well go reserve us a table though. It was a 20 minute line when I got there at 6:32am, but I managed to get a table for eight for tonight at Restaurante Rancho.

I went back to the room, relaxed while everyone else was still asleep, and then we all went for breakfast around 9am. We went down to the beach for a while, Melissa worked on her application letters for Edinburgh University, and then we went back to the beach. We played beach volleyball for a while, and then when they closed down the beach at 6pm, we headed up to the Caiman Bar for a few pre-dinner drinks.

We all met up for dinner at 8:30pm at Restaurante Rancho and we all had amazing steaks. This was my favorite meal of the trip so far, and it worked out perfectly that we could have a nice dinner for our last night in Santa Marta. Tomorrow we are off to Bucaramanga, so we wanted to enjoy tonight as much as possible.

After dinner Melissa, Vanessa, Paola, Juan Carlos, and I went out to the dance club at the resort called The Caves. It was pretty dead when we got there, and not too much busier when we left at 2:30am, but Melissa got to go dancing, so she was happy. By 2:30am, we were ready to crash though, so we left the other three at the club and came back to the room.

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