Jakarta to Borneo

Jakarta to Borneo

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Asia

I got up this morning after a very comfortable night at Hunny Hostel. I had a four bed dorm to myself, and it had A/C, so I was very happy. I wasn’t too excited about seeing anything else in Jakarta, but I forced myself out to see what was around.

I had a walk up the main street until I got to China Town and had a walk around there checking out the markets and whatnot. The main thing I noticed about the area was the unbelievable smell of sewage. It wasn’t even as if it was just when I passed by a river or something. It was all over the place. I don’t know how people can live in an environment like that, because it’s not as if you can get used to that smell. As everyone in Woodstock can vouch for, even after living there for 20+ years, it still stinks of cow manure. You don’t get used to it.

I got back to the hostel and relaxed in the A/C for about a half hour before catching a taxi to the bus station, and then the DAMRI bus to the airport. The only difficulty I had was that they driver had me sit in the back of the bus, but then I couldn’t hear him when he was yelling out the stops. I had no idea when to get off at the airport because I didn’t want to make the mistake of getting off at domestic and then having to walk to the international terminal. They’re not exactly well organized with shuttles like the western world. I finally told him where I was trying to get to and he pointed to me when we got to my stop.

I was there very early, again, but I figured I am just as well hanging out in the airport than at the hostel, so I was happy to be checked in. I had time to grab a meal at the ONE restaurant in the entire airport before taking off. The three hour flight took off on time at 7:20pm with about 40 people on the flight. I was the only white person on board. Apparently no one else wants to go to Malaysian Borneo today.

I landed in Kota Kinabalu at 11pm and had to wait in a ridiculous line to get through immigration. You don’t even need a visa to visit Malaysia, but the immigration control is just ridiculously slow. I was the last person to get through. Dead last. I got out to the baggage claim and didn’t see my bag, and I wasn’t even upset, I just thought it was pretty funny. Fortunately for me, they had taken the few leftover bags off the belt and put them in the office because they were going around for so long.

I got my bag and tried to get money out of the ATM, but the airport turns them off at midnight, so that was a no go. Without any money, and a hint that the hostel I was looking for was pretty close to the airport, I started walking. Luckily I found the hostel within about 10 minutes and reception there was open 24h. I’ve checked into my room, and again I have a four person dorm with A/C all to myself. I’m starting to get spoiled. I’ll be in full dorms sooner or later, I know it!

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