Heading to Liechtenstein

Heading to Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Hotel Meierhof

I worked a half day this morning from home, and was happy to see the end of that. It’s been a bit hectic at work lately, so this trip is a welcome escape from that. I also have to say that this is the third trip I am using my Nomatic travel bag on, and I absolutely love it. This is the best piece of travel luggage I have ever had, by far.

I got a bus up to Waverly and then hopped on the airport bus to get to the airport by about 11am. Funnily enough, Hayley and Cat were at the airport at the same time to catch a flight to Brussels only 15 minutes before mine, so I sat with them for a few minutes and chatted before getting on my flight.

My flight was on time and it was just a quick 2 hours to Basel. I landed at 3:30pm, went straight to Enterprise Rent-a-car and got my Citroen C3. I was on the road by 4pm heading to Vaduz. As I had anticipated, I hit a bit of traffic leaving Basel, but then it was pretty smooth sailing from there. I saw some beautiful lakes and rivers on the way. It would have been nice to stop on the way, but I figured I will see them on my way back to Zurich tomorrow, so for now, I just want to get to Liechtenstein!

I arrived at the Hotel Meierhof at about 6:30pm, just as the sun was setting. It wasn’t the clearest sky, but it was still nice enough to appreciate this nice little country. My room is really nice, with a balcony view of the mountains. I also had a nice little treat waiting for me for my birthday. They left a postcard with a note, and a jar of spiced almonds. So that was nice.

I got a recommendation for the best local food and the restaurant was called Gasthof Au. It was just a short drive from the hotel, and it was really nice. It felt like a warm pub with very friendly staff, and very tasty food. They didn’t have and beers from Liechtenstein, so I asked for their favorite Swiss beer. The one I got was Schnitzengarten. It was a nice lager, but nothing special. For dinner, I asked for a local specialty and I was recommended minced beef with Swiss noodles and this apple sauce on the side. It was amazing! The waitress recommended I just mix everything together, and I did just that. It was excellent!

After dinner and a couple of beers I left the car at the restaurant and walked around Vaduz. It was about 8:30pm at this point and I expected to see quite a few people. In the 45 minutes of walking around I think I saw 12 people. I saw one bar that was open and there was no one in it. I headed back to the car and then up to the hotel. I asked at reception if it was really quiet right now because there is no snow, and she said no, this is just how it is all the time. So don’t come to Liechtenstein for the nightlife.

I ended up chilling in my room watching some Netflix because even if they don’t have decent nightlife, they have very good internet 🙂

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