Andorra is STUNNING!

Andorra is STUNNING!

Andorra, Europe
Plane back to Edinburgh

Today was the last day of our short Andorra trip, and we really made the most of it.  We got up at 9am, had breakfast in the restaurant in the hotel, and headed up the road toward the French border.  Melissa had found a group of lakes online that looked like they would make for a nice hike, so we went for it.  We parked up at the end of the road next to the chairlift Coma d’Arc.  We followed the hiking trail up which was a much easier hike than yesterday’s, and a much prettier hike as well.  We were surrounded by mountains and above the tree line at this point, so the views were incredible.  We got to the top and found a perfect place to fly the drone and got some great footage of the surroundings.  Melissa got to fly the drone for the first time too, so that was fun.  The only problem we had was that the Mavic drone is gray, and blends into the mountains perfectly, so if you take your eye off it for a second to see the video screen, you will lose sight of it.  Then there’s the trouble of trying to get it to return to you without actually knowing where it is.  We figured it out and got a pretty cool selfie as well, so it was a success.

We hiked down to the second lake first (Estany del Mig), then over to the third lake (Estany de Mes Amunt) and found a nice spot to sit and enjoy our lunch.  We had gotten some sandwiches made at the restaurant this morning and brought a few snacks with us, so we had a little picnic next to the lake with no one else around.  It was fantastic!  We hardly saw any other people while we were sitting there except for a French guy who was camping up there and decided it was a good time for a bath in the freezing cold lake.  I don’t know how long he’d been up there for, but it must have been a while if he was stinking enough to want to get in that cold water.  We flew the drone again from the side of the lake (which really surprised the French guy), and then packed up our stuff and headed down to the first lake.  We got down to Estany Primer after about a half hour hike and then made our way back to the car.  The lakes and mountains were absolutely stunning and I’m so glad we got to see them today.  This was the real beauty of Andorra that I will remember when I look back at this trip.

We got back to the car at about 3pm and started heading back toward Girona.  We made a stop in the Andorran village of La Massana to get an ice cream and enjoy the sun for one last time before sitting in the car for the next few hours.  We got back into Girona at about7:15pm and walked into the old town and since I was starving, we went to the first restaurant that we found open.  It happened to be a creperie (Creperie Bretonne Girona) on the Ramblas that looked really good, but the food wasn’t great.  We didn’t have much time left so we took a walk through Independence Square, back to the car, and headed to the airport.  We got back to the airport, dropped off our car, changed our clothes, repacked our bags and we were in the airport by 9pm.  It was perfect timing for our flight at 10:20pm.  As soon as we got through security our gate was announced and we walked straight into the queue for our flight.

It was an excellent trip, we got to eat some great food, see some amazing views, go on some great hikes, and cross-country number 64 off my list.  The only thing I don’t like is that we are heading back to Edinburgh and don’t have another trip booked to go anywhere.  Where should we go next??

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