From Argentina to Brazil

From Argentina to Brazil

Foz de Iguacu, Brazil, South America

I got up this morning as late as I could, which was 8:30am. I had “breakfast” at the hostel, which consisted of a couple pieces of bread, some jam, and juice. I got a cold shower in one of the worst bathrooms I’ve had to use on this whole trip, and then packed up my stuff to get going. I headed out at around 11am to catch a bus across the border to Brazil.

I got a Crucero Del Norte bus at 11:15am that brought me to the Argentinian immigration office at about 11:30am, and waited for all of us to go through the line and get back on the bus. We then crossed the bridge into Brazil, and it stopped at the Brazilian immigration office. This time the driver had me get my backpack off the bus, and said I had to go through immigration, and then wait on the side of the road for the next bus to come.

I got through immigration in about two minutes, just long enough to get outside and see my bus driving down the road in the distance. I found a spot in the shade under a tree and waited for about an hour and a half until my bus finally showed up to finish the trip to Brazil. It was only another twenty minutes to get into the center of Foz do Iguazu, and the bus dropped me off at the terminal. I found a Cambio office and exchanged my leftover Argentinian pesos for Reals, and then got a taxi to bring me to my hostel.

My driver had no idea where the hostel was so I had to direct him with my GPS map, only to find out the hostel’s map on website was incorrect, so I didn’t find the hostel where I thought it would be. I wandered into a cafe to ask if they knew where the hostel was, and the children of the owner’s happened to be in that cafe, so they walked me over to the hostel, which was just down the street. What are the odds that they would be in the same cafe I went into though?? Crazy!

I got to Pousada Aguia Foz around 3pm, so it took me four hours to go about 15km (10 miles) from my last hostel to this one, but I’m finally here. Quite a few people over the last few days have told me how dangerous this little town is because there are so many tourists here, so I’m not too keen to walk around much more than I need to. I went out to a shopping mall that is just a ten minute walk down the road, I found an ATM and got a bite to eat, and now I’m back at the hostel. I’m just going to relax here for the night and tomorrow I’ll head out to see Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side. I’ve heard it’s not quite as good as the Argentinian side, but if I at least have room to breathe there, I’ll be much happier.

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