First day in Medellin

First day in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia, South America

I woke up this morning after getting about six hours of sleep on the bus. For me that was a good result, because I wasn’t sure what the ride was going to be like, but it was actually pretty good. The temperature was comfortable for the whole ride, and it wasn’t as bumpy of a ride as I had expected it to be. The road system in Colombia is a lot better than I had anticipated as well. When I did wake up I was greeted by some unbelievable views of the mountains in the Antioquia region. It was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, because of the dirty, tinted windows on the bus, I wasn’t able to get any good pictures driving through the mountains, but it was stunning.

We arrived in Medellin at the Terminal del Transporte Norte at about 10:30am and I was able to hop right on the metro and head to the one closest to my hotel, San Antonio. I had read the reviews of this hotel on and they led me to believe that this was a nice area to stay in. They were wrong. This is the downtown area and it is filled with some homeless and very some very sketching looking people. Nothing happened to make me feel unsafe, it just wasn’t the most comfortable feeling walking through there. The one excellent thing I noticed when I first arrived though is the weather. It is so much more comfortable than it was up on the coast. I love it! It’s about 25*C (80*F) and very little humidity. It’s so nice to be comfortable again!

I found my hotel by 11am and it is actually really nice. They were nice enough to let me check in right away and I was able to go in and have a shower. After the 13 hour bus ride it felt great, especially with the strongest water pressure I’ve felt since I left Europe. I left the hotel and went out to explore a different part of the city. I’d read that the Poblado part of the city is where most of the travelers go, so I checked that out. I saw a pretty basic looking church, a couple of nice parks, and lots of restaurants that were clearly geared toward foreigners. There was even a Hooters there. This is the first Hooters I’ve seen outside of the US. I didn’t even realize they had gone international.

I also found a tourist information center and was able to get a map of Medellin so I can plan out my next couple of days. I have heard that the cable car system is the best way to see the city, so I’m going to check that out tomorrow. I’ve also gotten a couple of tips from Melissa that I’m going to check out as well, so it should be a good day tomorrow.

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