Day out to Gaulaceo

Day out to Gaulaceo

Cuenca, Ecuador, South America

I had a nice day hanging out with Andrea, her mom and her sister today. They picked me up from my hostel at 11am and we drove about an hour to a town called Gaulaceo. It is a nice quiet little town with a little river running through it. We walked around for a while and saw a lot of locals called Cholas, cleaning their clothes in the river. Saturday must be the day they all agree to do this because there were tons of people doing it. It was pretty cool to see, I’ve never seen that done en mass like that before.

We had a nice walk around the town, got a coconut juice, and had a quick walk through the market. We drove back toward Cuenca and stopped on the way to have lunch. Andrea was nice enough to treat us all to lunch and bought a couple of massive plates of food. It was a mixture of pork, chicken, different kinds of corn, fried pig skin, potatoes, plantains, soup, and salad. It was excellent, but it was just way too much food. Between the four of us we couldn’t get close to finishing it.

We drove back to Cuenca from there, and this time Andrea drove. Her mom had been driving in the morning, but we got stopped at a police checkpoint on the way to Gualaceo. Her Susana didn’t have her license, so she showed Andrea’s license and the cop didn’t know the difference! Pretty good when a mom can pass for her daughter if she needs to. We didn’t want to take the chance on the way back though, so Andrea took over the driving duties.

They dropped me back off at my hostel and I chilled for a few hours before meeting up with Andrea for ice cream. We weren’t hungry after such a huge lunch, but there’s always room for ice cream. We went to a place called Tutto Freddo that has awesome ice cream in all kinds of flavors. I had Nutella and strawberry, and they were both delicious. It’s been a great day with the Guillen family and I can’t thank them enough for being so hospitable.

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