Day in the ‘Burgh

Day in the ‘Burgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Europe

Ryan and I had awesome weather for his first day in Edinburgh. It was about 75*F (21*C) and sunny all day, so it was probably the best start we could have hoped for. We walked all through Edinburgh stopping frequently at bars to give Ryan a taste of the pub culture of Scotland. We got up the Royal Mile to see Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and Holyrood Park.

At night we found a bar that was showing the UCONN vs Michigan football game, so we had a few beers there and watched UCONN get their butts kicked. We then headed out to George Street to get a better “view” of what the city had to offer. Le Monde proved a good shout so we stuck around there for a while before moving on. Next up was Jekyll and Hyde and shutting down that bar ended up being a good way to finish the night.

Ryan had a successful first day in Scotland.

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