Camels are not comfortable…

Camels are not comfortable…

Marrakech, Morocco, Africa

We finished our trip off with a nice relaxing day in Marrakech riding camels. We found out yesterday that our camel trek today was going to pick us up at 10:20am rather than 9am, so that was a nice bonus. We were able to sleep late, get packed up and ready to check out of the hotel and go trekking. Our tour guide was right on time and we were greeted by the smiling faces of Patty and Kate from yesterday’s tour. Apparently STA Travel does a great job of selling these excursions to their customers.

We arrived at the camel farm just in time to see the last group coming back from their trek. We were put in traditional tunics and turban before we could get on the camels. This of course made for some good laughs and ridiculous pictures. It also gave us a new appreciation for what these people have to put up with in this heat, because these things are hot! It also makes me wonder why they haven’t found a better way of keeping the heat off them. I was much more comfortable in shorts and t-shirt before putting that tunic on. But, when in Rome…

Our trek lasted about an hour and a half, and consisted of a line of eight of us on camels which were all strapped together by ropes. Each camel only had about a foot of slack rope between its face and the next camel’s hind quarters. It looked very uncomfortable for the camels, but they’ve been doing this for years, so they’re probably used to it by now. We were able to stop halfway through the trek to take some pictures and give the camels a little break.

We got back to the camel farm and had some hot mint tea, which is exactly what we all wanted since we were just out in the 106*F (42*C) heat and soaked through all our clothes from the sweat. Thanks for the hot tea!

We spent the rest of the day chillaxing by the pool at the hotel and having lunch in the hotel restaurant. It was a perfect ending to the trip. Morocco was a great start to my round the world journeys. I can only hope the rest of my trips are as good as this one.

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