Beaching and Scooting

Beaching and Scooting

Lamai Beach, Thailand, Asia

Lynne and I got up at about 7am after both having a terrible night’s sleep. There is no A/C in the room, just a fan on the ceiling and it was pretty noisy and still just too hot in the room. But since we were up, we figured we’d head out to the beach and get a good spot before it got busy. It really is a beautiful place to be with white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

After a couple of hours sitting on the beach, we rented a couple of scooters from our resort and went scooting around the island. We went in search for Waterfall 2, which is about 80m (240 feet) tall, but we never found it. We followed another sign for a waterfall, which turned out not to be waterfall 2, and after hiking through the jungle for almost an hour, we got back to our bikes without having seen a waterfall higher than six feet. We were very disappointed.

I had to pick up a couple of things at a shop, so we went to a huge Tesco (I couldn’t believe it either!) on the island and got a few things there. It was like a mini mall inside the Tesco, and it was well air conditioned, so we stayed there for some lunch before heading back to the resort. Lynne is pretty nervous driving her scooter, so she was pretty happy to get back to the resort and park it for the rest of the day. We spent the rest of the day on the beach and at the pool.

We had dinner at the resort again and then had some drinks with Addy, Dan and Francisca again. There was live music at the bar tonight, but the singer was terrible. He was an English bloke who kept asking if people had any requests, but nobody cared at all. At one point, he seemed so lost as to what to play next that he got a random traveler guest to take his guitar and play something for a few minutes. She wasn’t good. The whole thing was very strange.

I also did everything I could to make sure I didn’t get sunburned today, but it happened anyway. Unlucky, but it’s not one of my worst burns, so I’ll be fine. We’re calling it an early night tonight, tomorrow morning we’re getting the ferry over to Koh Phangan for the day. I hope the weather stays nice for us!

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