Vilnius walking tour

Vilnius walking tour

Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe

I got to explore a little more of Vilnius today, and it was alright. It’s not my favorite of the Baltic cities, but it was still nice. I met Hannah for the 12pm start of the tour and it was pretty good. It was a pretty small group, around ten people. We met a Singaporean girl named Shameera and hung out with her for the rest of the day. This tour was a little different from the regular city tours because it brought us mostly out of the old town instead.

We went out for lunch after the tour which was pretty good. I was absolutely starving, so I would have been happy to eat anything, but I think this food actually was good. There were a few of us from the tour that went for lunch including a guy who looked just like Paul Giamatti and a young Josh Brolin. It was weird. We also went back to Dione for ice cream after lunch, which was excellent.

I came back to the hostel after ice cream with the intention of doing laundry, but someone else was already using the machine. I took this opportunity to start figuring out when and where I was going in Poland. I went out for dinner with Hannah, Shameera, and a couple of French girls who are living in Vilnius, and then I came back to the hostel. Hannah and Shameera are off to Warsaw tonight, and I’ll be going tomorrow afternoon. I’m finally doing my laundry but I have to stay up until about 1am to get it. That’s annoying.

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