Travel day to Rome

Travel day to Rome

Rome, Italy, Europe

Today we made our way to Rome. It was about a three-hour drive, so we started the day off with another great Hilton breakfast and then hit the road at about 11am. The road was almost completely highway, so it was a nice easy drive, until we hit the busy streets of Rome.

We were able to enjoy some nice sights on the way down toward Rome of the Tuscany region and all the vineyards on the way. It wasn’t until we hit Via Aurelia that we got to see just how busy Rome is. Let’s just say it was a relief to get to our hotel and not have to drive on those manic roads anymore. We checked into our hotel and then hopped on the subway to get into town.

We got the metro to the Spanish Steps and walked around there and the Trevi Fountain area. We got to the Pantheon and found a nice little place for dinner. So we had more pasta and then had a little walk around the city. It gave us a good taste of what’s to come tomorrow in the daylight.

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