Seige Tour of Sarajevo

Seige Tour of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

I had a pretty poor night’s sleep at the hostel. The bed was comfortable enough, but the Indian guy was snoring really loudly, and another guy in the room kept farting all night long. It was a little ridiculous. The first time I thought it was funny, but then it became just annoying. I stayed in bed a little longer than I had expected, but it was fine because I didn’t really have anything planned for today anyway.

I found a tour online called Sarajevo Funky Tours that was working today. Most companies were off because they are still celebrating Labour Day, but this company was still working. I booked in for a half day tour called the Seige Tour and it started at 1pm. It was €20, which is pretty expensive for a half day tour, but I felt like it was necessary to hear the history of what happened in the city. It was a great decision!

I met my tour guide, Farouk, at 1pm and we picked up a Canadian couple on the way to our first stop. It was nice having such a small group because we had plenty of access to ask Farouk any questions we had. He was 34 years old so was just a kid when the war was going on. It was really interesting to hear all about their living conditions while it was going on, and things they needed to worry about that most kids never would.

We went to the Tunnel Museum out by the airport, which was incredibly interesting. The weather was pretty poor today so I was glad that I picked a tour where we were driving around instead of walking around the city. We got up to the white fortress at the start of the tour and then finished up in the mountains where the bobsled course was for the 1984 Olympic games. The tour was well worth the money, and by the end of the tour at 5:30pm, I felt like I knew a lot more about what went on only 20 years ago.

I grabbed a bite to eat in town and then came back to the hostel. I met a new couple who are in my room, Tobias and Suzanne. They are from Germany and have been driving around Europe for about a year. We’ve had a good night just chatting in the lounge at the hostel, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the Bruins in game 2 against Montreal, and the Red Sox beating Oakland as well. I love it when there are early games on so I can catch some! I also booked my flight to Moscow tonight, so it’s official, I’m going to Russia! I’m flying there on 9 May, but tomorrow I have to get my stuff packed up and get a bus to Belgrade, Serbia. I’ve heard it’s a pretty long ride from here through the mountains, so I hope it looks nice.

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