Nothing day…

Nothing day…

Townsville, Australia, Australia

This really was a nothing day. I slept late, went to the supermarket down the street in the sweltering heat, and then went back to the hostel. I stayed at the hostel for the whole day until going out for dinner.

I went to an excellent little Thai place down the street from the hostel called Aroi Bangkok Thai Restaurant. It wasn’t a late night and I ended up back at the hostel by about 9pm. The good thing about the Foreign Exchange hostel is that there were so many nice people staying there, it was actually nice hanging out there. I went back and talked to my roommates for a bit and I’m calling it a night before 11pm.

The only productive thing I did today was book my flight to Sydney. I’ve decided that after I go on the cruise through the Whitsundays, I will stay two more nights in Airlie Beach and then fly straight down to Sydney. That way I can see Sydney, see my friends there, and then probably head back to Melbourne. I can do Sydney to Brisbane some other time.

It was a good lazy day 🙂

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