Moving south in Israel on my own

Moving south in Israel on my own

Eilat, Israel, Asia

I got up this morning to say bye to the Zimmermans. They have been so awesome to put me up for the last nine days, I can’t thank them enough. I wanted to get the whole family together for a picture, but Kinerit was already gone, Ori was studying and Eitan was not feeling the picture. So I got a picture of Gilad, Emitai and Amir before they headed off to school.

I packed up all my gear and waited for Pnina, Marta and Dorita to come pick us up. We left the house at about 10:30am and were at Tel Aviv airport by 11:15am. I had a lot of time to wait at the airport, but unfortunately it didn’t speed up my boarding process. I was asked every question possible by the security agent, and they searched every item in every bag. They also swabbed inside every bag I have. They asked me if I packed my bags and everything like usual, and then they said “we are asking because we’re concerned your bag may contain an explosive.” Oh ok then, that’s nice. Just so you know, there was not an explosive device in my bags.

I finally got through the security checkpoint and got on the plane to head south to Eilat. The flight was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the most beautiful sights from a plane I’ve ever seen. I got to see Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, the Jordanian mountains, Aqaba, and Eilat. Plus, it was short, only 35 minutes, so that was quite nice.

I got off the plane to be pleasantly surprised that it was only 27*C (80*F). I was afraid it was going to be a lot hotter. I dropped my bags off at my hostel, which was only a quick eight minute walk from the airport, and then headed into town to see what Eilat is all about. I got a bite to eat at Burger Ranch which had been recommended by Lee, and then walked down the promenade at North Beach. It is a nice enough beach, but nothing special. It was quite cool to see Jordan on the left side of the Red Sea and Israel on the right side.

I’ve come back to the hostel and been chilling with my roommates and a couple of other guys staying here. All together we are one American, one Englishman, one Canadian, and two German guys. They are all really nice guys who have travelled around quite a bit so it’s been good to chat. I’m taking it easy tonight though since I’m diving early tomorrow morning. I’m very excited about that, and don’t want to risk feeling poorly in the morning!

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