Moving on to Argentina

Moving on to Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina, South America

I got up and got all my stuff packed together at the hostel. I went downstairs to have breakfast, but the only thing that was there was a plate of stale bread that had clearly been left there since yesterday, and some marmalade that was in an open jar that had never seen the inside of a refrigerator. I didn’t eat anything. I was also supposed to get the help of the owner to call me a taxi, but she wasn’t awake, so i had to just leave. I started walking in the direction of the bus terminal and found a taxi to bring me the rest of the way. It turns out it’s not a terminal, just an office for this bus company. I was hoping to pick up something for breakfast when I got to the terminal, but I had no luck there.

We started our journey at 8:30am sharp, and headed up north to make the crossing over a river. We had to do this with the help of a ferry, and we all had to get off the bus and sit in this waiting room on a massive ferry boat. It held over a dozen buses, trucks and cars as we made the crossing of about 20 minutes. The one cool part of the journey was about half way across the strait a couple of dolphins started swimming along side the ferry. They were black and white dolphins, which I had never seen before, so that was pretty cool. Unfortunately there were so many people crowded by the windows that I wasn’t able to get any pictures of them.

We stopped at a hostel that had a restaurant just at the border of Argentina to get something to eat. I was so excited since I hadn’t eaten at all yet. There was only an old man working and he was incredibly slow and seemed out of his depth dealing with 40 people from a bus all coming at once. I had to wait about 15 minutes before I could order something, so at this point it was too late to get the cheeseburger I really wanted, so I just got an empanada that was already cooked. It was horrible. I don’t know why they insist on putting a massive olive and half a boiled egg inside an empanada. It’s unnecessary and gross.

We drove about two minutes to get to the Chilean border, and then continued on another 15 minutes to get to the Argentinian border. I wasn’t asked any questions at either crossing, so that was yet again, another easy border crossing for me. I love that! We continued our drive into Ushuaia and arrived at about 8:30pm. It was only supposed to be ten hours, but the ferry crossing and border crossings were a bit slow.

Ushuaia seems like a nice town. I saw more of it tonight than I had planned on. I got off the bus and had no Argentinian pesos to get a taxi. I had to find an ATM, and some guy pointed me in the wrong direction by about six blocks, so I had to walk around for about 40 minutes before I could get some cash. I finally managed to get some money and find a taxi and went to my hostel, La Posta. It’s a really nice hostel, just a little bit outside of the city center. I am in a six bed dorm, and the whole hostel is full, so the place is bustling. I HAD to find something to eat, and the only restaurant nearby was called Pizza Hot, and it was just a ten minute walk away. I had a half of a margarita pizza and inhaled it so quickly I could barely taste it. I was happy to have something in my stomach though. I’m now back at the hostel dealing with patchy wifi, and looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep. I have almost the whole day in Ushuaia tomorrow, with my flight leaving at 8:25pm, so I’ll have some more time to check out the city.

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