Monsoon by day, Patong by night

Monsoon by day, Patong by night

Kamala, Thailand, Asia

We woke up this morning to hear and see a proper monsoon going outside. It was a little ridiculous how much it was raining. We went for breakfast in the restaurant, which was awesome again, and could see that this rain was not going to let up all day. We played a game of pool in the game room at the hotel and then just spent the rest of the day chilling in the room watching tv. It finally gave me time to sew some patches on my bags, which I’ve been meaning to do for over a month now but have always had something better to do.

We got the shuttle down to Kamala at 4pm to try and pick up our laundry again, but they said it STILL wasn’t dry. Now we have to go back again tomorrow morning! This is getting really annoying now. Luckily the shuttle driver waited for us to run in and check on the clothes, so we didn’t have to walk back up the hill in the monsoon.

We got the 5:30pm bus to Patong Beach to check that out for the night. We were dropped off at Jungceylon Shopping center which is a massive and pretty nice mall, that has the worse layout of any mall in the world. It is impossible to have a leisurely walk through the mall and see all the stores. You get all jumbled up and lost along the way and they make it impossible to find the same entrance that you first came in. Very confusing.

We finally found our way outside and walked over to my favorite restaurant all around the world, Hard Rock Cafe! For the third time in a row, I had some awesome chicken fajitas and I get to tick that one off my list now. Across the street from the HRC is the Patong night market, so we had a walk through there. Lynne had another field day buying everything she could see, and I found a shop that was selling loads of patches from all different countries, so I loaded up on some that I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. Now I have a pile of patches that I’ll have to wait for another rainy day to sew on my bags.

We went down a very populated side street only to find ourselves in the sleaziest part of Thailand I’ve seen yet. It was filled with go-go bars and sketchy looking guys trying to get everyone to go to their bar for a ping pong show. No, not a ping pong tournament. The dirty kind of show. We walked down the street for about five minutes looking for any other market stalls, but ended up turning back when it got too uncomfortable to walk any further.

We got back to Jungceylon Shopping center and had another wander through until we could find an exit that had taxis outside. We bargained with a taxi driver to bring us back to Aquamarine and we just settled in and watched the first few episodes of the aptly titled sitcom Happy Endings. Very funny show. Now I’m looking forward to breakfast!

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