Long train ride

Long train ride

Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Today was a VERY long day. I woke up at 6:30am and showered and got all ready to go. The train was only 10 minutes late, so I figured we were off to a good start. The train was scheduled to take 11 hours to get to Melbourne, but I thought I would see some nice scenery on the way. I was warned by a lot of people that there was nothing to look at on the way, and they weren’t totally wrong.

It was mainly farm land on the way, some of which was very picturesque. There were lots of cows, horses, sheep, and that’s about it. Unfortunately a man on the train had a heart attack at about 2pm, so we had to wait for an ambulance and police to come and tend to the man. As far as I know he was okay, but they took him away after about an hour and a half, and we headed toward Melbourne.

We got in a little late, but the 12.5 hour train ride really wasn’t that bad. I was happy that I had my iphone, ipod shuffle and netbook all at my disposal, otherwise it would have been pretty boring. I thought it would be really nice to get back to Melbourne and be able to sleep in my own bed and get comfortable in one spot, but I’m already wishing I was still travelling. I had such a good time in Sydney and on the Central Coast with my friends that I wish I was still up there. I suppose you can’t be on holiday forever, I’ll have to start looking for a job here soon…

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