Last day of class

Last day of class

Bogota, Colombia, South America

I had my last day of class today, and it was the hardest one by far. We spent most of the class trying to differentiate between que and cual when asking a question. I think/thought they were the same as what and which in english, but it turns out there are all sorts of exceptions which make absolutely no sense to me. I’m just going to have to memorize these rules I guess and practice from there.

Before class I met Melissa for lunch at a place called Crepes and Waffles. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s excellent! I’d been to this place a couple of times in Madrid with Vivi, but this is the first time I’d been to one in Colombia. I had coconut lemonade to drink and a Peking chicken crepe. It was awesome!

I stopped at a bakery that was recommended by Melissa as the best in the city to pick up a few treats for my last class. They were really good, another good recommendation by Melissa. When class was finished I was presented with a diploma by Rene, the manager of Learn More Than Spanish, and I was asked to do a short video clip to go online as a testimonial. I really enjoyed my time at the school, so I was happy to do it.

I came back to the hotel and have spent the rest of the night packing up all my stuff, and watching the Red Sox play. I have been at this hotel for about two weeks now, so I’ve not had to pack my bag in a long while. I almost forgot how to get everything to fit, but I managed. I’m heading off first thing in the morning to check out a town called Villa de Leyva. I was supposed to go last weekend with Melissa, but it didn’t work out, so I’m checking it out on my own. It’ll be good to get out of the big city and see some more of the Colombian countryside.

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