Last day in Bogota :(

Last day in Bogota :(

Bogota, Colombia, South America

Today was my last day in Bogota. I spent the morning packing up my things and getting ready to head out. I left my bags at the hotel and went to the bus terminal to get my ticket for tonight. I’m taking an 18 hour bus ride from Bogota to Pasto. It’s a little expensive ($116,000 pesos (£40)), but I have a really nice bus with the company Bolivariano. It has wifi, that actually works, and each person has their own TV screen with remote. Unfortunately for me, all the movies are dubbed in Spanish, with no subtitles, so I can’t actually understand anything.

After I got my bus ticket today I went to meet Melissa for lunch. We went to an excellent Spanish restaurant called Version Original to share some tapas. Everything we had was great, and it was nice to see Melissa one more time before heading south. The next time I see her will be in Cusco, Peru for our Machu Picchu adventure, so that’s exciting.

I went back to the hotel after lunch and hung out for a while watching the last Patriots pre-season game while I still had wifi that was good enough to allow me to do so. I got to the bus station about 40 minutes before the bus was leaving, so I had no problem finding it on time. The Terminal Salitre in Bogota is pretty big, and a little confusing, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to find it. I’m on the bus now and settled in for my 18 hour ride. Hopefully I can get some sleep and let some of this time pass with my eyes closed. If not, at least I know I have a single room waiting for me in Pasto. I’m sure I’ll survive.

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