Goodbye Ecuador; Hello Peru!

Goodbye Ecuador; Hello Peru!

Piura, Peru, South America

I got up early this morning, packed up my stuff and headed to the bus station. I had a 7am bus from here to Piura, Peru, and everything went smoothly. I was given a seat assignment when I bought my ticket, and strangely enough, the guy who was put next to me was an irish guy named Chris, who obviously spoke english as well. I’m not sure if they did that on purpose to keep the gringos together, but it worked out pretty well.

We stopped on the way at Macara, which is right near the border and it gave us a change to get out and use up some of our Ecuadorean money. We then stopped at the international bridge where we went through immigration on the Ecuadorean side, walked across the bridge into Peru, and the filled out some paperwork there. It was a really easy border crossing, and then a nonstop drive to Piura. When we arrived in Piura I was glad that I had only booked one night here. It’s not a very nice looking town, and there’s not much to see here as a tourist.

I got a taxi to my hostel and checked in, and then found out when the next bus out of town is. The next bus is tomorrow morning at 9am with a company called ITTSA, so I took a walk up to the bus terminal to get my ticket. It was a pretty uncomfortable walk with a lot of people staring at me in a way that I didn’t feel completely safe. It also didn’t help that the owner of the hostel said to be careful, because it’s not very safe. Oh well, I made it there and back alive, so I win!

I bought my ticket for the first class section of the bus (which was something new to me). It’s the first time on this trip that I’ve seen a bus with two different classes. It was only a difference of about $2, so I figured for a seven hour ride it would probably be worth it. I got my ticket and then walked back to the hostel without trying to look too out of place. That wasn’t easy. I made it back without any trouble though, so I’m just going to chill at the hostel for the rest of the night and then head off in the morning.

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