First day in Mendoza

First day in Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina, South America

I got to Mendoza this morning after the twelve hour bus ride and had just a fifteen minute walk to Malbec Hostel Central. It seems like a pretty average hostel, but it is in a great location. I have my own room where I was supposed to have a double bed, but instead they have given me a four person room with bunks, but all for me. It seems a bit strange to me, but maybe this is the only room they have that could accommodate me.

I had to wait about a half hour in the lobby, but then they let me check in at 10:30am into my room. Since I got almost no sleep on the bus last night, I laid down and rested for a couple of hours before going out to explore the city. I found a decent little place in the city to get lunch and had the menu del dia, which was basically chicken parmigiana with mashed potatoes, a drink, and a dessert. Pretty good deal for about $8.

After lunch I walked around the city center and checked out all the different parks. There are five parks right in the center, and then more outside of it. I am really impressed with Mendoza so far. It’s a really green city. There are trees everywhere. It’s really nice looking. The parks are nice too, filled with different trees and fountains. I like it. I was going to check out the Museum of Modern Art, but it turns out that it’s closed on a Monday, so I’ll try to get there some other day.

I found a tour company where I checked out all my options for a full day tour tomorrow, and there aren’t as many as I expected. I was really hoping to get a day of trekking in, but they said there aren’t any for one day. The only thing I could take for one day is the bus tour, so that’s what I’m signed up for. I’ll get picked up at 7:15am from the tour company and then should get back to the hostel around 7pm. It’s going to be a long day, but at least I’ll get to see what Mendoza’s surroundings have to offer.

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