First AFL Game

First AFL Game

Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Today I finally got to go to an Aussie Rules Football game. I met my friend Tony at Etihad Stadium to see St Kilda versus Melbourne. The Melbourne Demons are the team that I randomly adopted when I moved into the city, so it made sense that they would be in the first game I get to see. It was only $20 for a general admission ticket, and that allows you to sit anywhere you want in the third tier. I’ve never heard of a ticket like that, but it was very cool to be able to move around whenever we wanted. We started at the side of the field, and moved behind a goal at half time just for a different perspective. There were 28,863 in attendance out of a possible 35,000, so there were quite a few empty spaces to try out when we wanted.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t nearly as good as I was hoping it was going to be. The first three quarters of the game were excellent and very competitive, but the Demons totally fell apart in the fourth quarter. The Saints ended up winning 106-86 and it was a sad ending to my first live footy game. No worries though, I’m sure I’ll get to see a few more before I head off to Asia!

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