Embassy appointment; BBC for the afternoon

Embassy appointment; BBC for the afternoon

Bogota, Colombia, South America

I had to get up early this morning to make sure I was at the US Embassy in time for my 8am appointment. I got a taxi at 7am in case there was a lot of traffic, and I got there for about 7:30am. It worked out well though because I had time to grab a quick bite to eat before heading in. I was the second person to go into the embassy, and they were waiting for me to give me my “interview”. I thought it was going to be a proper sit-down interview about how my passport got stolen and whatever, but it wasn’t. They asked me to raise my right hand, swear that everything on my form was correct, and that was it. It literally took seven seconds and I was done. The hardest part was trying to deal with the DHL lady who doesn’t speak a word of English, yet she works in the US Embassy.

I went back to the hostel for a couple of hours until Melissa picked me up for lunch. We went back to her house where we met Luz Mery and Vanessa and had a really good lunch that their maid cooked for us. I love this idea. I know you can get a maid in Edinburgh, but they usually just come a couple of times per week to clean your flat. I’ve not heard of one who will clean, do your laundry, and cook you lunch. That’s fantastic!

I got a taxi back to Melissa’s office with her and then went up the road to Bogota Beer Company to work on my blog for a while. I’m so far behind on uploading this stuff, that I really wanted to take a couple of hours to get back to it. I got a lot of stuff done before Melissa came back to meet me when she finished work. We got a little something to eat, and had a couple of beers before heading back to my hostel to hang out and take a nap. It ended up being a longer nap than intended, so I had to wake Melissa up to get her a taxi to her house. Again, she wasn’t prepared to stay over here, so she had to head back. Tomorrow I’m moving out of this hostel and going back to Hotel Egina, which is right next to Melissa’s house. I’m looking forward to that, so hopefully Melissa will be able to stay over here and not worry so much about having to get taxis back and forth.

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