Edfu to Luxor… God it’s hot!

Edfu to Luxor… God it’s hot!

Edfu, Egypt, Africa

This morning started with a 6am wake up call to go see the Temple of Edfu. The interesting thing about this temple is that structurally it is still completely intact. All of the other temples have had parts or most of it missing and is left in ruins. This temple was buried by silt from the Nile River for thousands of years and was perfectly preserved until it was excavated. This meant that we were able to see what most temples would have looked like if they had been preserved and also see what the ceilings looked like. Most ceilings had fallen as they were the first part of the temple to go.

The only problem with this temple was the unbelievably high number of visitors this morning. It was so many people that the inside of the temple was roasting and we could barely see the things we wanted to. We made our way through and got out of there by about 8am so we could eat breakfast on the ship. This was by far the best breakfast we’ve had so far. We enjoyed probably the best breakfast we’re going to have and went back to sleep until lunch time.We were on our way to Luxor so had some free time after lunch to chillax on the boat. It was a perfect time to sit on the sun deck and do nothing for a few hours chatting with new friends. At 5pm we went into the town of Luxor to see the Temple of Luxor. It was buried under silt from the Nile and an entire town was built on top of it. All of the buildings had to be torn down to excavate, and this included houses, schools and hospitals, so it took quite a while. It was a very impressive find and sight to see.

After leaving the Temple of Luxor we went to visit a papyrus shop where they produce the papyrus paper and hand paint all of them. We were shown how they create the paper and how the process hasn’t changed in thousands of years. We ended up spending far too much time in the shop before heading back to the ship for dinner.

The rest of the night was fairly quiet as we knew we were going to be on the Death Train tomorrow night and probably not sleep at all again. Plus, we needed to get packed up to leave the ship tomorrow. We sat up chatting with our new Aussie friends (Erin, Inez and Krissy) and then headed back to the cabin for about midnight. Tomorrow’s a busy day, starting with the Valley of the Kings!

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