Day in Trujillo

Day in Trujillo

Trujillo, Peru, South America

Today didn’t quite go as planned, but it was alright in the end. I wanted to do my laundry, but I found out that the washing machine at my hostel was broken. She gave me the name of a lavendaria that I could go to, so I carried my dirty clothes over there, only to find that they were closed, at about 8:30am. I went back at 9:30am to try again, and they were still closed, but a woman next door told me they would be open at 10am. I went back at 10:20am, just to make sure, and they were finally open. I left my clothes there, and was told I had to come back between 6pm and 7pm to pick them up. This would have been an issue because they day I had planned was probably going to take me until after 7pm.

I decided to change my plans and hang out in town today and I’ll do the archaeological sites tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet some people at the hostel in the morning that want to go as well. I checked out a few of the churches in town, and went to one of the museums that was recommended but the tourist information center. It was the Currency Museum, and it was very boring. It was just an old house where they put some old coins and bills in some cases. There were no guides, and no information in English, so it made it a little difficult to know what I was looking at.

I had a meal at a restaurant that was recommended by the hostel owner and it was very good. The restaurant was called La Casona and it was a soup, main meal, and drink, all for 6 soles ($2). It’s crazy how cheap some food is here. I love it. I went out for a fresh juice after dinner and it was a good enough juice to count as a dessert. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to get out of the city and see some stuff. It should be fun.

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