Cordoba for the day

Cordoba for the day

Cordoba, Argentina, South America

I had a good day walking around Cordoba today, even though it was incredibly hot. I got up and out of my hostel as early as possible for two reasons. One: I was absolutely starving after having eaten only a bag of Doritos all day yesterday, and Two: my hostel is horrible so I didn’t want to spend any more time there than I had to. I tried to find a place for breakfast in town, and it was a lot harder than I expected it to be. There were a couple of places on the main square, but they only serve croissants. I couldn’t find any place that would make eggs or anything like that.

I had a couple croissants and then headed out into the town. The main square is nice, with a big cathedral on the corner of it. It wasn’t very clean though, which was a little surprising. Most cities keep this main square really clean. I walked around and checked out a couple monuments and had a look around the city. By 11am it was about 90*F (32*C), and I found a massive shopping mall that I went in to take advantage of their A/C. That is just the best invention ever by mankind. I walked around there for a couple of hours, got something to eat, and used the wifi to see what other things I should check out in the city.

I read about a museum that sounded interesting about the detention and torturing of Argentinian people over the centuries. I found the museum, only to see that it is closed on weekends. That seems like a very strange schedule for a museum to keep. Surely most people would have time to go to a museum on a weekend. Whatever.

So I walked around a little more, had a steak for dinner, and then came back to the hostel. I really wasn’t that impressed by the steak, so maybe I need to go to a really expensive steak house to be impressed. I feel like that defeats the purpose though. When everyone told me how good the steaks are in Argentina, I assumed it was everyone and just due to the high quality meat. If you have to pay a lot of money for a steak, then of course it is going to be amazing. That’s the same in any country. If you go to Morton’s in the US and pay out the nose for a steak, it’s also going to be amazing. So maybe I’ve just not had any luck with the places I’ve picked so far. Regardless, I had a dinner that filled me up and now I’m back at the nasty hostel. And surprise surprise, the wifi has gone out. They said it was due to the heat today, and now they will not get internet back until Monday. Brilliant!

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