Chilled organizing day in Madrid

Chilled organizing day in Madrid

Madrid, Spain, Europe

I had a great night’s sleep at Alicia’s last night and got up pretty late. It was nice to just chill and then hang out with Alicia for a bit. She brought me to the train station and I was back in Madrid by about 1pm. I went out for lunch and then spent the afternoon organizing things for my trip to Cuba. I found out yesterday that my flight to Havana has been changed so instead of arriving there at 9:30pm, I will arrive at 2:30am. Not ideal for getting to a hostel at an ungodly hour, but it is what it is. I found a guess house that claims to have 24 hour reception, so I’m going to test that out.

I called Nikki to wish her a happy birthday, and just got to talk to her for a minute. She was at the Magic Kingdom with the girls, but at least I got to say hi. Vivi got home from work around 7pm and we just hung out at ate at home. She made a killer carbonara, and we watched the World Cup final. It wasn’t the most exciting game, but it was nice to see Germany win 1-0 after extra time.

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