Bye Oz! Hello Asia!!

Bye Oz! Hello Asia!!

Singapore, Singapore, Asia

Today has been a very busy day! I woke up and watched the last Sox game I will potentially see this season. As sad as that idea is for me, it was made better by the fact that they won their sixth in a row going into the All-Star break. I had a bit of cleaning to do in the apartment and I finished packing up my stuff. I had to pack my backpacks that I’m taking with me, but I also had to pack my duffle bag to send back to the States.

I got everything done and went to Pack Send to ship my bag and say bye to Scott. Luckily his son Patrick was in the shop as well, so I got to thank him for the Hawks hat that he gave me in return for the Red Sox band I gave him. We’ve pledged allegiances to each others’ teams, I think it’s a fair trade. So then I went back to the apartment for the last time to grab my bags and say bye to Lisa. She has been a great roommate for the last six months, but I’m off to scout out Asia before she heads over in about 4-5 months.

I grabbed the Skybus shuttle to the airport and was there in plenty of time to check in for my flight and get through security. When I got to the gate I finally got a good look at the Airbus A380 that I would be flying on. It’s now the biggest commercial jet in the world and carries 450 passengers, it’s just ridiculous! It was also very nice inside, so that was a bonus. Each seat had its own entertainment system and USB port to charge anything you needed to. The seven hour flight literally fly by with enough time to watch Cedar Rapids (just ok), Hall Pass (very funny!) and The Departed (still the greatest movie ever made.), along with a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

I got to Singapore at 9:30pm local time and the first shop I saw when I stepped off the plane was Dunkin’ Donuts! How random is that?? I was pleased to see it and I will be hitting that up for a donut on my way out of this country! I breezed right through customs and immigration. To my surprise, I didn’t even need to buy a visa, so that was another bonus. My backpack came off the carousel as soon as I walked into baggage claim, so I threw it on and hopped in a taxi. I’m staying at a hostel called Costa Sands Resort, but there are three different sites, so we didn’t get it on the first try, but managed to get there on the second attempt. By this time it was about 11pm and I was worried I would be waking up some roommates in my 3 bed shared dorm, but I was happy to see I was the first one there.

Another roommate did come in just minutes later, but it ended up just being the two of us for the night. He is a nice Korean fella named Juhn and he’s travelling around as well. His English is pretty good for a guy who says he can’t speak English, so we were at least able to communicate quite a bit. The room is pretty nice, three single beds, no bunks. Each bed has a full sized locker next to it and its own power port with a light, which is always a bonus. It’s now midnight and I’m exhausted so I’m going to bed. Big day of exploring tomorrow!

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