Bye Korea; Hello China, again

Bye Korea; Hello China, again

Beijing, China, Asia

I got up this morning and packed up all my stuff and checked out of the hostel by 8:15am. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts to pick up something for breakfast and then caught the airport express bus just outside. The transport system in Seoul has been amazing and certainly makes travelling around this city easy. The bus picked me up for 10,000 won ($10) and we were at the airport within an hour.

I checked into my China Southern Airlines flight only to find out that when I change planes in Dalian, China, I have to go through immigration, claim my baggage, go through customs, then go to the outside check-in desk and check in for my flight to Beijing. I didn’t realize all this when I booked it, I figured I would go straight through and hit immigration in Beijing. I was a bit nervous because I only had an hour and a half for a layover, but it ended up not being a problem. Luckily Dalian is a really small airport, so it was no biggie getting through I & C and then checking in.

The flights went very smoothly, as usual and I got into Beijing right on time. I got my bag and hopped on the airport train into the city center. I found Sunrise Hostel without a problem and checked in by 6pm. I’m pretty tired from the travelling and lugging my bag through the city, so I’m going to take it easy tonight. I have a good feeling about Beijing though, so I’m looking forward to this week a bit more now. There are LOADS of westerners at the hostel, including all four people I am sharing my dorm with. That should definitely help!

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