Bye bye Golopagos!

Bye bye Golopagos!

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

I left the Galapagos Islands today to head back to the mainland. It started with an early rise in Puerto Ayora so I could get packed up and ready to go. I met Rike and Joe at their hotel at 9am and we shared a taxi to the canal, where we then got the ferry to Baltra, and then a bus to the airport. We got to the airport exactly two hours before the flight, which was more than enough time considering how small the airport is there. There are four gates. Four. It was good though. It gave us enough time to check in and then sit down to enjoy a nice fruit smoothie before boarding.

The flight was fine, nothing special, and we landed here in Guayaquil at about 2pm. I said bye to the girls and got a taxi to Dreamkapture Hostel. I liked the hostel when I stayed here a week ago, and it seems like a nice place to chill for a couple of days. After such a busy couple of weeks I’ve had, I’m really looking forward to doing nothing for a while to recharge my batteries.

I checked into the hostel and ended up getting the same room I had last week. It’s perfect for me though. I have my own room, decent wifi, and air conditioning. Also, there’s not anything to see in Guayaquil, so I won’t feel like I should be out doing something.

I went out tonight for dinner at a place called Wingers, which is just like Hooters, minus the girls. It is a sports bar that specializes in wings. It was really nice to have a break from traditional Ecuadorean food for one night. The rest of the night I’ve spent just catching up on some TV and news/sports stories from the last week that I just didn’t have time for. It’s been a good night.

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