Bus to Lima

Bus to Lima

Lima, Peru, South America

I had a nice relaxed morning with a pretty late wake up, which was very nice. I had breakfast at the hostel, got my stuff all packed up and headed out around 10:15am. I got a little moto-taxi for the first time in South America. I knew I wasn’t going too far, so I didn’t mind the bumpy ride compared to a regular taxi. It was also nice that it only cost 2 soles ($0.60) to get to the bus terminal from the hostel. I was expecting Marc to be there because he said he was going to be on the same bus, but he never showed up. I ended up getting a text from him when I was already in Lima to say that his travel agent had put him on another bus. Ah well.

It was a very comfortable ride in the first class part of the bus, which was about half full. I found out on this trip that there are even electrical outlets on these busses, so I was able to use my laptop for the whole eight hour ride without fear that my battery would die. Perfect!

I got to the first station (Plaza del Norte) at about 5:45pm, but it was recommended that I wait to get off at the second station in Lima (Javier Prado). It was only supposed to be 45 minutes to get there, but it ended up being nearly two hours. The traffic here is almost as bad as in Bogota. So at 7:30pm I finally arrived at Javier Prado and got a taxi over to Gran Hotel. The first taxi driver I asked said it would be 30 soles ($10), which I knew sounded high, so I negotiated with another driver and got a rate of 15 soles, success!

I like my hotel. It’s nothing fancy, and quite old, but it has character, and I have my own room with good wifi. I’m only here for two nights anyway, so this will do just fine. The only reason I’m really in Lima anyway is to go to the US Embassy tomorrow. After that is done, I’m out of here!

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