Bus ride to Puno

Bus ride to Puno

Puno, Peru, South America

I got up this morning, packed my bags, got some breakfast, and picked up my bus ticket from the tour agency. My bus was at 10:30am so I headed over to the bus terminal at 10am and hopped on the bus. It was a pretty easy 5.5 hour bus ride to Puno, with only one stop on the way. We got in at 4pm and I got a taxi over to Huaytusive Inn. I’m really impressed with the hostel, as it seems like more of a hotel and it’s right on the main street of Puno. Unfortunately, there’s not much to see in Puno, so I’m just close to a lot of tourist restaurants.

I checked out a couple of tour agencies, and grabbed some dinner near the hostel on Lima Street. I was really excited about getting another aji de gallina meal, and I could only find one restaurant with it on the menu. It must not be a specialty all over Peru, because this one was pretty bad. Apparently Lima is the place to have it, because that was the best one I had.

I’ve booked a tour to check out a couple of the islands on Lake Titicaca, so I’ll have another early start tomorrow morning. The tour company is picking me up at 6:45am, so it won’t be a late lie for me tomorrow.

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