Blue Lagoon and heading home

Blue Lagoon and heading home

Reykjavik, Iceland, Europe

We had a nice final night in Iceland and got up this morning to pack up our bags. We found a local bakery and had some awesome cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We returned the car and then walked back up to the apartment to pick up the bags. We got picked up by a car service called Back to Iceland. It was by far the cheapest we could find that would take us from the city center out to Blue Lagoon, wait for us and hold our bags, and then take us to the airport. It was about a third of the price of everyone else that offers the same route. We were a bit apprehensive due to the price, but we took a shot, and it really paid off!

We got a ride out to the Blue Lagoon and the driver was a tour guide as well so he was telling us all about things that we were driving past. We got to Blue Lagoon and the driver told us to the leave all our bags in the van, and showed us the shortest line to go in since we already had tickets. We got right in and got changed to go into the lagoon.

I had been there before a few years ago with Lynne when we were on our way to the States and had a short stopover in Iceland. Melissa had never been so this was a very cool experience for her. We chilled in the water for a good two hours and did the mud masks and everything to take in the full experience. Once we were done we took showers and tried to get the rotten egg water stink off of us, and then our driver met us at the entrance and took us to the airport. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and we will be sure to recommend it to any friends we know going to Iceland.

We are at the airport now just waiting for our flight to go back to Edinburgh. I think this is the only flight taking off from the airport tonight because there is NO ONE here and all the shops are shut. The airport staff must just be waiting for us to get out of here so they can all go home. We have had an absolutely amazing time in Iceland and I think we did it the best way possible. I can see why some people who come over and only see Reykjavik are not too impressed, but if anyone has the chance to come here and drive around the whole island, I would absolutely say they should do it. This is an amazing country and the scenery is some of the best I have ever seen. What an awesome trip!

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