Back to Ushuaia to meet Ryan

Back to Ushuaia to meet Ryan

Ushuaia, Argentina, South America

I got up this morning and had breakfast at the hostel, packed up my stuff and headed out around 11am. I had to get a taxi to the bus terminal, and then a local bus from Puerto Madryn station over to the Trelew Airport. It was a 45 minute ride, and got me there exactly two hours before my flight. Perfect timing. I was keeping an eye on Ryan’s flights today too and everything seemed to be running smoothly. So it was a good start to the trip.

Trelew is a ridiculously small airport with only a few flights coming and going per day, and I think most of the planes that stop here are in the middle of another journey. They just stop there to pick up a few extra people and then continue on. That’s what happened today too. The plane stopped, picked up myself and six other people, and we took off 45 minutes early. I guess we were the only ones who had booked on this flight, so they were able to get us out early. It was a pretty empty flight, and we got into Ushuaia an hour earlier than expected. I grabbed my bag, jumped in a taxi, and I was at Hotel Mil810 by 4pm, which is when I was supposed to land.

Ryan was at the hotel waiting for me, and it was really good to see him. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I saw him back in Woodstock, and now we’re meeting up in Ushuaia, Argentina. It’s a crazy world we live it nowadays. It was also like a mini Christmas today because Ryan brought a few things for me from the States, so I got my new Google Nexus tablet, a charger for my watch, a cleaning kit for my camera, and a Hard Rock Cafe patch from my dad. So that was excellent!

We went out for drinks at a bar called Tante Sara and caught up on what’s been happening for the last few months. We went to a different bar for dinner, a place called Cafe Ideal where we had a couple of steaks. They were pretty good, but they were so small that we were both really hungry after them, so we decided to share a pizza as well. It was a good choice, and all the food went very well with the two Malbec bottles of wine we had.

We got back to the hotel around 11pm and we’re going to try to get some rest now. Ryan is a little messed up after the day of traveling, and I’m just too excited to sleep. Tomorrow we’re finally getting on our ship to go to Antarctica!!!

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