A lazy day of nothingness

A lazy day of nothingness

Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia

It was raining again this morning. I did nothing. I spent almost the whole day in the hotel planning what I’m going to see in Hong Kong. The Swedish girls and Melissa are all gone now, so I went out for lunch alone, and found a place with some awesome pineapple fried rice and fresh spring rolls. I walked around town for about an hour, but the weather still wasn’t the best, so I came back to the hotel to chill for the afternoon.

I met up with Katy and Verena for dinner, and met a bunch of their friends they are going to Sa Pa with tonight. We had a good dinner at a place right near their hostel, and five of them headed off after dinner to catch their train to Sa Pa. One other guy, Robert, and I weren’t doing anything, so we went up to the City View Cafe and had a beer. The view from up top is pretty awesome normally, but on a Saturday night it is just mental. The amount of traffic that goes around that roundabout is unbelievable. We sat up there for about an hour and then I headed back to the hotel. I’m just going to relax tonight, and tomorrow I’m hoping to finally see the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Let’s hope for no rain!

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